Do you try everything to remain as warm as possible in your home during the winter months or do you just resort to curling up in your biggest woolly jumper?
The cost of living in the UK is expensive enough but when winter kicks in, energy bills for homeowners and tenants skyrocket.
If you want to remain warm during this period and receive cheaper energy bills, there are a couple of things you can try to keep your electricity bills in check this winter:

Choose appliances which boast energy-efficiency

This tip doesn’t exactly refer to keeping yourself warm in winter, but by choosing energy-efficient appliances you can limit the amount of power you’re using in your home.
The majority of white goods should come with an energy-efficiency rating.
The ratings are between A and G, with an A+ being the most energy-efficient. You should consider both your budget for the appliance, and how much money you’re looking to save on your energy bills across the year.
Another way to save money on appliances is to ensure that they aren’t turned on when they’re not in use. A perfect example of misusing appliances is leaving the fridge door open, as more energy is used to ensure that the contents within it stays cold.

Turn down the thermostat

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Do you ever make yourself a little too comfortable when it comes to heating your home?
Turning your thermostat down by a mere degree can save you money in the long haul. In fact, the Energy Saving Trust believe that this simple measure can save you £80 across the year.
If you simply add another piece of clothing, and turn your thermostat down a few more degrees, you could find yourself saving a three-figure sum within 12 months.

Improve insulation

One of the best ways to stop using the heating in your home so often is by improving its insulation.
The attic and cavity walls in your home are two of the biggest culprits for letting a draught in.
To make your home warmer, consider introducing loft insulation.
Loft insulation is a fantastic option due to the funding available for energy-efficient measures such as this. So regardless of what you take home every month, your income levels will not influence whether you’re eligible.
By providing greater insulation in your loft, you’ll reduce energy usage in your home, and lower your gas and electric bills.
Another great way to keep your home warm is by considering using DBS ceiling panels in your bathroom as they are cheap, waterproof and above all, brilliant insulators.
Our bathroom cladding for walls is also an excellent insulation option as its tongue and groove interlocking installation features will ensure that any nasty draughts are kept at bay.

Check for draughts

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When you have the heating on, do you still feel cold flashes every now and then?
Chances are that cold air is creeping into your home via a draught, and this needs to be dealt with quickly, if you want to avoid paying for heat that is slowly but surely exiting your home!
Consider investing in a draft excluder, as it will stop heat from escaping. This can help you get value for money when you have heating on in your home.

Invest in a portable heater

If you want to cut costs on your heating, but remain warm, invest in a portable heater and keep yourself warm for a smaller price.
When you put on the heating, it covers the entire home, whilst a portable heater only warms a single room, meaning that you’re using significantly less energy in the meantime.
To benefit from much cheaper energy bills, take this advice on board this winter.
Get in touch with us here at DBS Bathrooms today if you need any advice on installing cladding or simply want more helpful hints to keep you warm throughout the rest of the winter.
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