When renovating or decorating rooms at home, most people focus primarily on colour choice. But to fully transform a space, taking advantage of texture is just as important.

Colour choices are relatively easy to make – DIYers are used to considering the light in the room, the size of the space and existing furniture. Creating textural interest is vital for complementing a colour scheme, but getting texture right means taking into consideration things that are usually taken for granted. This is crucial when refreshing a space as it adds dimension and ambience.

Texture in interior design

Texture is often an afterthought in DIY home renovations, but interior designers know that texture can really add the finishing touch to a beautiful room.

Texture refers to the sense of touch: it can be anything from soft cushions, smooth flooring, natural effect stone walls. You don’t have to have physical contact with a room to be able to experience its texture – think about how inviting the room is? Do you want to dive under the covers in a bed inside the pages of an interior design magazine? Or do you want to run your hand along the smooth marble effect of the walls?


Texture adds visual weight and can have the power to draw the eye to particular areas in a room.

Rough textures can make a room feel more intimate and grounded, and smooth textures bring a sleeker feel to a room. When you choose objects for your newly renovated space, think about how you will situate textures in a room: for example, putting something smooth next to something rough can help the rough object stand out more.

Using textured wall panels

An easy way to create a sense of textural interest is to use textured wall panels, which are visually engaging but don’t require the significant outlay that other textual interior design choices do. These textured wall panel ideas are great for use around the home.

Rustic brick wall panels

Achieve a loft-style look in any home with these traditional red brick matt wall panels. Use them on one wall in a long corridor, or as a feature wall in a bathroom, living area or kitchen. They’ll draw the eye and their colour and texture will bring a warm expression to the room.

Distressed oak grey wall panels

These oak effect light grey wood panels are perfect for any room in the house as they create a real impact. Style them with deep pile rugs, plush curtains and plenty of green house plants to create a cosy, atmospheric room.

Grey mosaic wall panels


The realistic finish of these mosaic wall panels really make them stand out. They have a 3D effect, matt finish, meaning they’re ideal for a feature wall behind a shower, or for use in the kitchen as a backdrop behind your brand new kitchen. The variation in colour between each tile means that they can add authentic depth to the room.

Metro tiles wall panels

The gloss finish on these subway tile wall panels makes them look exactly like the real thing. Accessorised the bevelled finish panels with other contemporary décor in your bathroom, utility room or kitchen. They look particularly good against oak worktops or framed wall art for the perfect Scandinavian inspired look.