If you’re looking into the prospect of selling your home, chances are you want the highest price possible for it.
Even if you are not currently looking to sell your house, renovating is a great way to improve the atmosphere at home and freshen the place up.
Plus, it is always worth investing some money to spruce up your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers, as you never know when you may fancy a change of scenery.

Here are some affordable and effective ways to make your home the best it can be:

Consider a loft conversion

Buyers are always looking for more rooms. Whether that’s a conservatory, or a full extension, the space we’ve got is never enough.
An affordable but rewarding way to make your home more appealing is to consider a loft conversion. Bedrooms, home offices and even bathrooms can be created in the loft, and if you add some skylights to bring in more natural light, this room with a view is a great way to add value to your home.

Get clever with materials

It can be tough to strike a balance between quality and price. For example, if you’ve got your heart set on a rustic tiled bathroom, the materials bill could be through the roof!
Using our plastic wall cladding for bathrooms means that you can get the design you want at a fraction of the price. We even have tile effect wall panelling!
Alongside being incredibly affordable, our panels for walls are also quick to install, meaning you can fit them yourself, and they’re so easy to clean. No more scrubbing blackened grout, simply wipe clean and your house is viewing-ready.

Decide on double-glazing

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In this day and age, double-glazing is a must have for all homebuyers. With the exception of period properties or grade listings, they are one of the first thing on a viewers list.
If you haven’t already installed them, double-glazing is a great add-on for both renovations and prospective buyers. Not only do they lessen any traffic noise from outside, they also insulate the property well, allowing owners to cut down on their winter heating bill.

Don’t neglect the exterior

You may have big ideas for the interior of your house, but it would be unwise to forget the exterior. The outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers see, and if your garden is overgrown or the paint on your door is flaking, they’ll get a bad impression straight away.
Quick jobs such as cleaning up your windows and giving any door frames a lick of paint can make a huge difference. Consider tidying up the flowerbeds and planting some new shrubberies to show viewers how much you care about the property.

Keep things simple

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To keep your renovation affordable, look for small jobs you can undertake yourself, and leave the technical improvements – such as plumbing work or electrical fixes – to the experts.
Simple improvements such as repainting, fixing furniture, hanging pictures or deep cleaning bathrooms can be easily done, and will save you a lot of money that you might have spent on a professional service.

Think about the potential buyer

All too often, renovations to increase the value of a home revolve around the homeowner’s taste. You may love the deep shade of purple you’ve picked for your living room, but potential buyers might have a hard time envisaging themselves in the space.
The best option is to go for neutral colours, as they will allow viewers to see the room with their stamp on it, and it will prove much easier when the new owners come to redecorate themselves.
An example of a neutral but classy design is our wall cladding in marble. These luxurious looking panels can give your bathroom an extra touch of sophistication, and if you opt for a neutral coloured trim, it will smarten up the whole room.
As you can see, renovating your house doesn’t need to be an expensive project. Whether you’re hoping to find your home some new owners, or simply looking to spruce up your humble abode, make sure to take these tips into consideration. If you need help in choosing the right panels for walls make sure to give our expert team a call, we’ll be happy to help!
Featured Image Credit: iStockPhoto.com / northlightimages (Via Custard Online Marketing)