If you’ve just moved house and your newly-acquired bathroom is a little worse for wear, fear not – we’re here to help with our wall cladding.
Our PVC wall panels are a great solution to smarten up any weary wet room due to their durable nature and as they are 100% waterproof, they make the perfect partner for any bathroom wall.
We share why you should ditch the tiles and why you’ll be glad you made the switch to PVC wall panels.

Styles galore

The best thing about our wall cladding, is the multiple colour and pattern options available. With something to suit every taste, we’re 100% sure you’ll find the perfect look for your bathroom.
Our decorative wall panels come in a range of colours from neutral such as the gloss white bathroom wall cladding right through to something for the bold among us – is the red sparkle cladding a great look for a real statement bathroom.
And if you can’t bear to part with your tiles because you love the look, consider our amazing marble panels  – without the hassle of grout.

And why else are these decorative wall panels so great?

Easy to clean

Who wants to spend endless hours in their marigolds? If you’d rather be making the most of the beautiful weather, then our wall cladding could be your saviour.
It’s 100% waterproof and therefore, simple to wipe clean so you can ditch your scrubbing brushes and elbow grease. All you’ll need is a soft damp cloth.
And as these panels are grout-free, you don’t need a tiny brush to get them looking pristine. So, say goodbye to pink slime and irritating crumbling patches, as cleaning will soon become one of your preferred household chores.

Simple installation

As our wall cladding – and ceiling cladding – uses adhesive and an easy tongue and groove method, it’s so simple to install. The best thing about these panels is that they fit on top of existing tiles so there’s no need to break your nails trying to hammer away at bits of chipped ceramic. Plus, you save money on a tiler, a skip and a trip to the tip!


Our panels look great all over the bathroom. For example, they can be used behind the sink as a splashback area but they’re most suited in the shower as they can make any enclosure look sophisticated.
If you love their look, you can also install them in other places around your home, including in a children’s playroom to save the heartache of finding crayon on the walls or in the kitchen as an excellent splash back behind your hobs.


Our decorative wall panels even have realistic grout lines so if you like the look of tiles, but not the cleaning aspect, these could be a great option for you.
So, spend more time relaxing and less time cleaning for the same aesthetic appeal.


White  ceiling cladding can be used to cover any unsightly cracks which may begin to appear in the damp weather. They also hide a manner of sins including uneven walls.
If you’re a perfectionist then don’t worry as our cladding trim neatens everything up at the end for a sophisticated finish. We can also provide panel trims that cater for any 90-degree corners in your bathroom, as well as a range of coving to ensure that the panels look great.