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Whether it is getting ready for the day ahead, or unwinding after the day you’ve had, a lot goes on in the bathroom. Therefore, if you’re not 100% happy with how it looks or feels, it can have a negative effect on your life.

One of the easiest ways to improve your bathroom, and in turn your whole home-life, is to change your shower. As quite a large feature in your bathroom, upgrading it will have a massive effect on the whole room.
A glass shower enclosure is a modern, easy way to turn your bathroom around for the better. Here are a few ways that installing this feature can improve your home.


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Mould and mildew are two of the main culprits for spreading unhygienic, unpleasant feels. Sadly, they are also extremely common.
A fabric shower curtain will make the fight against all things grimy much harder. This is because they quickly get damp due to the water hitting them, and take a long time to dry due to the humidity of the room. A perfect setting for damp.
Getting rid of this issue by replacing your curtain with a glass shower door will greatly reduce the chance of mould forming. It is also worth considering using waterproof shower panels rather than tiles in your shower enclosure, as this will remove the need for grout.
Grout is another excellent place where mould and damp love to gather, so removing this will add an extra layer of resistance to gruesome grime.


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As shower curtains are prone to damp and mould, they regularly need cleaning to keep your bathroom spick and span.
This can be a lengthy process, as the entire curtain must be taken down and washed. This, plus drying time will mean that you will either need multiple shower curtains, or plan your wash times specifically.
Glass shower enclosures are a great alternative. They require much less maintenance, as they can simply be sprayed and wiped down before you are good to go again!
As an added bonus, if you choose to get a frameless shower screen there are not even any fiddly bits to scrub down – simply, panels of glass. This is useful, as if frames are left untouched for too long they can develop undesirable mould and damp.


A shower curtain can quickly look grimy due to the fabric being susceptible to damp and mould and quickly developing dark speckles. This means that to keep the aesthetic of your bathroom clean and clear, it will probably need replacing regularly.
However, glass shower units can add a sleek, modern feel to your room and won’t need replacing for a considerable amount of time. As well as this, they will let more sunlight into the room as there won’t be a fabric barrier blocking out light. This can quickly make a dark, dingy bathroom feel much more clean and open.
Glass shower enclosures will also allow you to see through to the wall behind. If you have chosen to pick modern, stylish cladded wall panels then this can again improve the appearance of your room.
If you’re looking to take a step towards a more stylish yet low maintenance bathroom, DBS can help you on your way. Feel free to get in touch with our team of experts, who are more than happy to kickstart your dream bathroom renovation.
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