Our bathrooms are an integral part of our homes and we always want a beautiful bathroom we can be proud of. But being the smallest room in the house it isn’t always easy to know how to make the most of the space you have. Here at DBS Bathrooms we provide a wide range of wall cladding and bathroom panelling to help you create a sleek and stunning bathroom.

The floor to ceiling panels that we sell are available in a variety of different colours and finishes so you can create a unique bathroom for your home. The panels can give your bathroom a luxurious look and feel to it. Using a light colour or pattern can give the impression that your bathroom is bigger than it actually is, alternatively a warm, deep colour can give a cosier feel to your bathroom.
Not only does wall cladding and bathroom panelling look great, it’s much easier to install than ceramic tiles and a fraction of the price. There is no need for grouting and there is very little preparation needed before putting up the panels.  They are made from 100% waterproof material and they can also withstand heat so there is no worry about placing the panels in front of hot pipes. The panels are also great insulators so your bathroom will always be nice and warm on those cold winter mornings.
Our bathroom cladding is all made to the highest standard possible and from only the best quality material so you can be confident you are investing in a product that you can enjoy for years to come. So if you are thinking of re decorating your bathroom and you want to create a space that is not only versatile but stunning as well, then be sure to check out all the different styles we have available and if you would like any more information then please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking here.