We’ve all been there. You just booked your dream holiday or splashed out on a new motor and bang on cue, something goes wrong in your home.
Why is it always when you have a hundred things to pay for that your house starts crumbling before your eyes? Whether it’s a burst pipe, growing mould and damp, or worse still, a fire, the repairs can be incredibly costly.
While some of these scenarios can’t be predicted, and therefore are hard to prevent, there are simple house maintenance steps that you can take to reduce the risk of an accident or damage occurring.
To save you some hard-earned cash, and a lot of trouble, we’ve shared some easy ways to avoid paying out big costs on your home:

Use wall panelling

An excellent offering for any home are 100% waterproof PVC wall panels, which can be used in the bathroom, as well as various other rooms of the house, and are a fantastic substitute for tiles.
Not only are they available in a fantastic range of patterns, colours and styles but they are affordable, easy to install and completely fire proof.
There’s no need to spend ages hacking the tiles off your wall, as they can simply be covered by the panels and stuck on with adhesive.
Due to their PVC structure, these bathroom plastic wall panels are easy to wipe clean, making for all-round speedy bathroom cleaning. This also reduces the risk of damp and mould causing problems in your home.

Clear your gutters

Image credit: iStockPhoto.com / AlpamayoPhoto.com (Via Custard Online Marketing)
This may seem like a mundane job, and certainly one where your hands will get dirty, but it’s one that is worth the effort.
The moment your gutters get filled with leaves, it can cause an eruption of problems.
A build-up in your gutter will make itself known when water starts overflowing from the pipes, which can cause leaks and result in damp patches appearing in your home.
Gunky gutters make nice residencies for rats, mould and wasp infestations, which could make relaxing in your garden on a sunny day, far less appealing.
Clearing the gutters is a job that can easily be completed yourself and is a relatively simple task, if you’ve got your gardening gloves on!
It’s worth inspecting for a clogged downspout in the autumn months, as this makes it hard for the rain to go down, causing it to overflow and damage your home.

Fix a leaking tap

Fixing a tap with a leak could help to save tens of thousands of litres of clean water every year, and save yourself tons of money in the process!
Not only this, but if a leaking tap is not fixed promptly, these types of leaks can lead to serious and costly damage. This is especially true is the leak is coming from the top of a boiler, as water travels down the exterior of it.

Test smoke alarms

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Few people have the cash readily-available to replace all their household items in the event of a fire, regardless of how much they’ve saved up – and the last thing you want is a massively inflated insurance bill next time it’s due!
Quickly testing smoke alarms takes seconds and can save large amounts money – and lives.
Electronic devices are not infallible. It’s essential to check them regularly as batteries may have died or parts of the device may have worn out over time. This is one way to help ensure your home, possessions and family stay safe.

Check your white goods

Leaks, odd noises and generally strange behaviour from your domestic appliances, such as dish washers, all demand attention.
With some devices, such as a washing machine, a small leak could short out the electrics and damage the main program timer in the appliance.
On a smaller scale, something as simple as coins rattling around in the device can damage the drum, so it’s a good idea to double check pockets before putting on a wash.
As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can stay on top of some simple house maintenance to avoid disaster.
If this post has inspired you to invest in some high-quality plastic wall cladding for bathrooms but you want to learn a little more about them, feel free to browse our site or get in touch today.
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