Storage in small bathrooms can be a challenge. When it seems like your bath and toilet are taking up the majority of the space, it’s hard to figure out where to store your towels and beauty products.
Plus, with all the Pinterest hacks out there, it can seem like everyone is creating new and ingenious ways to store their cotton balls and bath salts.
To help you store things in a practical yet stylish way, here are a few of our favourite hacks for your spatially-challenged bathroom.

Don’t ignore the space above

Most people only consider the space in front of them, rather than the potential above them. Installing shelves or hooks in your bathroom can instantly open up the space, allowing you to store all your bits and bobs.
If you’re concerned about the humidity in your bathroom ruining products which are stored up high, consider our range of ceiling cladding. Our ceiling panels are completely waterproof and are excellent at retaining heat, which means that no matter high up you install your shelves, the effects of condensation or damp on your things will be minimal.

Utilise furniture from other rooms

It can be difficult to find bathroom furniture if your room isn’t a conventional shape. And if you do manage to find a bespoke vanity unit, the cost can be much higher than average.
If you’re struggling to find bathroom storage solutions to fit your room, don’t be afraid to use items that were originally designed for other rooms. For example, if your sink sticks out at an angle and leaves a small recess underneath, why not opt for a slim TV unit. You can utilise the shelves or cupboards underneath to store your beauty products, even using some wicker baskets to add that touch of vintage class.

Get creative

If you’ve opted to install our wet wall shower panels in your bathroom, you’ll benefit from a reduction in cleaning time and enjoy the chance to get creative!
Although our waterproof shower panels come in one shape, this shouldn’t stop you achieving the design you desire as they are so easy to cut yourself.
Consider installing some recessed shelving into your shower, giving you the space to store your products, loofahs and razors. You could use a jigsaw to cut holes in your shower wall panels, allowing them to fit around your recesses. You could even use the extra panel to line the walls of the recessed shelving!

Create spaces

If you have a sink basin with no storage underneath, you’re going to have to think outside the box in terms of bespoke bathroom storage.
Consider the age-old trick of installing a curtain around your basin, giving you a hidden area to store all your cleaning products. If you’re looking for something a bit more modern, why not install a vanity unit with drawers for extra storage?

Magnetise your wall panels

A popular storage hack at the moment is installing magnet strips to hold items. To make your morning routine quick and easy, you can add magnets to your wet wall panels for things like hair grips, tweezers, and metal make-up brush holders.
This means that everything you need is on hand when you need them. As the panels are completely waterproof, the magnets will remain steadfast.
So now you have our best bathroom storage tips, you can pick the options that are ideal for you! If you need support in selecting any ceiling cladding or waterproof shower panels,  contact a member of our team for expert advice.