Cladding and Panelling as an alternative to tiling are enjoying increased popularity at present. Instead of spending huge amounts of time, effort and money tiling large areas of their bathroom, homeowners are sourcing high quality panelling from suppliers like us here at Decorative Bathroom Systems Ltd, and either enlisting our help to install it or fitting the product themselves. Bathroom panelling combines practicality, aesthetic quality and durability to represent the logical solution to the problems usually associated with bathroom decoration. Our website features countless designs and styles of panelling and cladding, all available to buy online. Before you invest however, there are a few main reasons why panelling could be right for you.

Temperature Resistance

Where tiles are concerned, DIY enthusiasts and decorators must take care when working in bathrooms to avoid tiling over hot water piping. This is because the constant exposure to high temperatures can damage the tiles – most decorators will instead leave unsightly gaps behind pipe work or radiators. Furthermore, once pipe work has been tiled over it’s impossible to carry out any plumbing repairs without removing and retiling the area.
In contrast, the cladding and panelling on offer from us here at Decorative Bathroom Systems Ltd can resist temperatures of up to 60°C – meaning that it can be installed in any location throughout your bathroom (including behind hot water pipes and radiators).

Installation Time

If you’ve ever redecorated a bathroom in years gone by, you’ll probably have memories of long weekends spent listening to the radio, with only a pot of grout and a credit card to keep you company. In the fast paced modern world, a week spent tiling a bathroom is simply not practical, which is exactly where our 0.675m² panels come in handy.
Using an innovative and easy to use tongue and groove design, we can completely revolutionise your bathroom in as little as three days – thus creating minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Easy to Clean

As you can see, here at Decorative Bathroom Systems Ltd we aim to reduce the stress involved with your bathroom redecoration, but our help doesn’t stop there. We’re also dedicated to securing the ongoing enjoyment of your bathroom, which is we provide bathroom panelling which is incredibly easy to clean. Panels resist the onset of the lime scale and grime usually associated with tiles. We offer PVC-U panelling from such well respected industry brands as Plastivan and Swish Marbrex. Overall, our bathroom panelling can enrich the life of homeowners and provide a popular and durable product for tradesmen to provide for their customers – please get in touch today.