Bathroom renovations aren’t for the faint-hearted, but they can greatly increase the value of your home, while also improving the place where you deserve to relax.
No-one wants to lie in a bath surrounded by a dingy avocado suite that has seen better days, but updating it can be costly.
But if the only thing that is holding you back from giving your bathroom a fresh new look is the price, then we have the perfect solution for you.
To cut the costs of an expensive revamp, this post contains an impressive selection of cheap bathroom ideas, that will mean you can create the room of your dreams on a budget.
Read on for some inspiration, that will make both your bathroom and your bank happy.

Buy with the environment in mind

Aside from reducing your carbon footprint and saving the planet, eco-friendly bathroom fittings come with other added benefits.
These ‘green’ options usually come with functions that you can utilise to help cut costs on gas and electricity.
While switching your main features can be one of the pricier parts of many bathroom makeovers, they can help you save in the long run.
Low-flow toilets and water-saving showerheads and sinks can go a long way to saving money and will mean that you can enjoy your morning shower, guilt-free.

Choose low maintenance options

One of the quickest bathroom aesthetic killers is mould and damp.
You may have originally picked a set of tiles that looked funky and fresh, but these can quickly begin to have the opposite effect when your grout turns grimy and black.
Consider DBS’ bathroom panels, for a superb waterproof and easy cleaning option as they simply require an initial dose of adhesive to install them. You can even lay them on top of existing tiles - so save yourself a whole lot of trouble and a trip to the tip!
Not only is this a cheap, low-maintenance choice, but they are available in a range of stylish options ranging from marble effect to sparkle panels.

Get comfy

Working towards a bathroom that not only looks good, but feels good is a massive boost to improving your home life.
One of the best steps to do this, is improve your bathroom insulation.
You can easily do this by swapping out your old tiles for our plastic wall cladding, which is renowned for being an excellent insulator for both walls and ceilings… perfect for chilly winter afternoon bubble baths.
Along with this, cladding prevents mould growth, as it is made of plastic and is therefore waterproof. An added bonus is that it does not require any grout, so no scouring is required!

Consider cheaper alternatives

Money can be saved by looking for fixtures and surfaces that look like their more expensive alternatives.
A perfect example of this, is marble effect shower panels. Not only do they look just as good as real marble, but they are cheaper to buy and install and require minimal effort.
Wet wall shower panels are also a more efficient choice in terms of insulation, as they will retain heat much better than ceramic tiles!

Keep current plumbing structure

An excellent money-saving technique when considering bathroom makeovers is to try to renovate your bathroom without moving around the current plumbing structure.
This is one of the most expensive areas of any renovation as a professional plumber will be needed if pipes need to be moved and re-laid.
If there are any minor plumbing issues lurking, such as a faulty tap or plug, you can also try to resolve these yourself, although if you are unqualified this is best avoided, as it may cause more problems than it is worth.

Paint not replace

One trick which can give the appearance a brand-new room, without the hefty price tag is to paint old fixtures to give them a new look.
This is a cheaper alternative to replacing the fixture altogether and picking bright new colours will give the room a breath of fresh air.
Lookout for the best quality mould-resistant paint, designed especially for bathrooms, as these will keep the room looking pretty for longer.
As you can see, bathroom renovation does not have to end in tears and can be done without having to sacrifice any other luxuries.
For more information on what products we can offer to give you the budget bathroom of your dreams, feel free to get in touch as our experts are bursting with ideas.