Modern bathrooms are not just the home’s centre of personal hygiene, but they’re also a space for peace and serenity. When it comes to selling your property, potential buyers want to see a place that they can imagine themselves in: a clean, bright bathroom that’s fine to move right in to. Unkempt bathrooms that require work are off-putting to buyers who acknowledge that whatever the state of the rest of the house, a functional bathroom is a must-have.

Luckily, there are many simple upgrades you can make that don’t involve a complete remodel or restructure. We’ve put together a list of simple bathroom ideas to help you sell your home without breaking the bank.

Fit new fixtures

Instead of tearing out your existing bathroom and splashing out on a new suite, simply changing the outdated features could make a huge difference to your budget.

Toilet roll holders, radiators, bathroom cabinets and electric showers can easily be replaced at low cost with a more up to date model. You should also consider replacing the bathroom light switch – if it’s located inside the bathroom, it will need to be moved outside to abide by the latest regulations. If you’re updating the electricals in or around the bathroom, you may need building regulation approval.

Similarly, you may also be considering removing the bath and replacing it with a modern wet room. But does removing a bath devalue your home? It really all depends on what type of buyer you’ll be attracting. If you have a large, family home, prospective buyers will be looking for a bath where they can easily bathe children. However, if the home you’re renovating is a bungalow, it may well appeal more to older buyers who could appreciate the practicalities of a wet room. For a cheap bathroom upgrade to sell a house, don’t mess around with the bathroom set up too much. Allow the new owners to do that for themselves at a later date.

A set of shiny new fixtures will help to depersonalise and modernise the space, allowing potential buyers to see themselves in the house.

Brighten the room

Installing a more efficient lighting system is a sure-fire way to brighten your bathroom, but it could easily end up being expensive.

A more cost-effective way to brighten your bathing space is by investing in some bathroom wall panels. Save yourself the job of scrubbing the grubby grout between tiles, and simply apply them over existing tiling. These white subway effect wall panels feature a high gloss finish that will reflect light around the room.

When it comes to quickly sprucing up the bathroom for a viewing, add a scented candle around the bath. Aside from the pleasing aroma, it’ll create a relaxing ambience.

Add some sparkle

One of the first things you should do before doing up the bathroom, is to do a good deep clean to see which parts of the bathroom can be rescued. There’s little more off putting to buyers than a grubby bath and grimy sink. Yet many sellers overlook the simple task of giving the bathroom a thorough clean – and go ahead and replace things unnecessarily.

Remember, grime and dirt can age a room significantly, while giving an overall impression of neglect, so be sure to use a bit of elbow grease to pick out the dirt and soap scum between tiles, or to remove the mould from the bathroom ceiling.

If the tiles are beyond saving, bathroom wall panels are fantastic for covering existing grubby walls or tiles, as they can be installed quickly and without fuss over existing wall coverings. A fresh laminate flooring can also be installed directly over floor tiles.

Finishing touches

For the finishing touches, make sure to add a fresh set of blinds and create a consistent colour scheme through accessories like plants, towels and bathmats, picked up online. You’ll be on your way to selling your home in no time!