When the latest bathroom trends are constantly changing, it can be tempting to keep up with them by regularly updating your bathroom with the latest features and fittings. However, there are certain trends that you’ll want to steer clear from if you’re planning to sell your home. Some bathroom trends can actually make your bathroom less appealing to buyers!

Exposed Pipes

A big trend in modern interior design is exposed structural elements like bare brick and visible pipework. This trend has made its way into the bathroom with exposed pipework becoming a must have in hip homes.
Choosing to have exposed pipes can add a unique feel to your bathroom helping to a create an industrial aesthetic. But you might want to think twice about them if you’re planning to sell in the near future.
For many families with children or pets exposed pipes in the bathroom can be a safety hazard. In the bathroom metal pipes can burn to the touch when hot water is running through them. This means that unsupervised children and pets can easily be injured.


Tiling has been the bathroom wall covering of choice for many people over the years. They can produce a classic look in bathrooms and provide water protection for otherwise bare walls. For this reason, tiles never really seem to go out of fashion.
However, there are now much better options available, including options that don’t require constant maintenance to keep mould and damp at bay, such as wall panels.
Choosing wall panelling instead of tiles when renovating, and before selling your home has numerous benefits.
Firstly, you won’t have to stay on top of keeping the grout between tiles in perfect condition prior to the sale. Secondly, you’ll be able to talk about how easy it is to maintain your wall panelling when you’re showing buyers around your home. This will further improve the positive impression made as a potential buyer explores what could be their new home!

Colour Clashes

Having multiple bold colours in the bathroom is another trend that has become more popular recently. Colour blocking, and other design trends involving combining several bright colours are far more common than they were previously.
Although this can make your home look memorable and unique, it can make your bathroom stand out for all the wrong reasons. Overloading on colours can detract from the relaxing aspect of your bathroom and make a small bathroom look even smaller.
An alternative to using multiple bright colours is to use one accent colour to highlight certain elements of a white bathroom. This will allow you to show personality without your bathroom becoming overwhelming.
Avoiding these three modern design trends could be the difference between your bathroom increasing or decreasing the likelihood of a quick and easy sale.
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