Modern Bathroom

Trend forecasting is hugely important in the world of interior design. What we predict today, could be in everyone’s homes next year. Not only can trend forecasting predict the colour and style that will prove popular in the year ahead. Here at DBS Bathrooms, we know that bathrooms are primarily functional spaces, but what’s stopping you from making a statement with its design?

This year, interior design trends focus around three main releases in the year: the Dulux Colour of the Year is announced in September and was ‘Tranquil Dawn’ – a shade of green. The Pantone Colour of the Year was announced in December to be 'Classic Blue'.

These key 2020 bathroom trends build on the success of some bathroom trends from 2019, but take into consideration the popularity of styles, patterns and textures seen in magazines, Instagram and Pinterest. They’re design statements that are worth investing in, as they’ll stand the test of time from 2020, well into the future.


Blue bathroom

Gone are the days of all-white bathrooms – in 2020, colour will be the biggest trend. Whether you choose neutrals or a darker colour like teal or even terracotta, be sure to go bold. Whilst choosing a colour, make sure to think about how it can impact your day. Green is optimistic, ochre is warm and relaxed – how do you want your bathroom to feel?

It’s even possible to introduce colour through the wall coverings you choose. Whilst a lot of people would automatically go for tiles, a contemporary solution is bathroom wall panels. Whether you decide to go for something traditional – in the style of subway tiles, for example – or more modern, they’re a fast, easy and waterproof solution. These red brick wall panels are ideal for industrial style homes that need a quick bathroom update. They add a bit of warmth to the room without it being stark and will work well with existing white bathroom suites.


Marble wall panels

Overshadowing the natural materials that have been so popular in recent Japanese inspired bathroom designs, in 2020 we predict two big trends returning: marble and concrete - but this time, it’s going to take over our walls. Marble is a great way to add a luxe feel to the bathroom, whilst conversely, concrete is a great way to bring an industrial feel to the room. Do your whole walk in shower with groutless marble wall panels in order to hide a multitude of sins with something beautiful.

Grey Concrete Wall Panels

In beautiful, high end bathrooms, concrete is used alongside wood to create mid-century style countertops with double basins, and stunning floors and walls. When it’s paired with wood, this often-harsh material takes on a warm feeling – meaning that although it’s not always the natural choice, it give your bathroom a stunning modern update.


Bathroom lighting

Not all bathrooms are blessed with natural light, but if yours is, consider how to make the most of the light that you have. Mirrors will help to bounce light around the room, so don’t be afraid to decorate dark. It’ll help to create a sense of cosiness and warmth that is hard to replicate with stark white.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a window in your bathroom, create a sense of light with plenty of downlights that you can keep on a dimmer switch. Adding a run of lights over the sinks and shower or bath will help to control the mood, whilst spotlights will ensure the brightness is ideal for morning ablutions.


Zoning the bathroom

Instead of seeing fully panelled or tiled bathrooms, this year we will start to see carefully placed wall panels around the bathroom that will help to divide the space up into different functions. This is a great way to draw the eye around the room – particularly good if you have a long, thin bathroom or a room that’s an odd shape.

Use stone effect or tile effect wall panels alongside neutral or coloured walls. Panelling behind the sink, bathtub or the whole length of the wall that has the walk-in shower on it is a great way to give your bathroom an instant update. It can also look more considered than panelling or tiling on all four walls, whilst drawing attention to your bathroom’s best features.



Where minimalism is the philosophy that less possessions equals a greater quality of life, maximalism is the interior design trend that will be seen all over social media and magazines in 2020. With maximalism, more is more! Whilst this trend might only work in large bathrooms, it’s ideal for adding personality to a space, so lessons can be taken even if you’re working with something smaller.

Jewel-tone colours, textures and plants combine to create a carefully curated look. Think 1970s kitsch inspired stylings: bright wallpaper, geometric floors and walls adorned with mirrors, prints and plants. Maximalism is a great way of incorporating vintage influences into the bathroom. If you’re lucky enough to have an Art Deco period home with its original bathroom, this 2020 bathroom trend will go perfectly with the brightly coloured tiles and curved edges of your existing bathroom.