For many years, tiles have been a staple addition to bathrooms and for good reason, however times change and with that come new innovations that can challenge the traditional way of doing things. In this instance we at DBS Bathrooms are talking about the development of bathroom cladding and how it can now be seen as a real competitor and the modern alternative to the use of tiles in bathrooms up and down the country.
There are a number of reasons why bathroom cladding has proven popular in recent years, and we thought we’d bring them to you so you can make an informed decision on whether cladding is an option you could take up in your space. Read on for our reasons why we believe bathroom cladding to be so great;

Wall and Ceiling Application

Whereas tiles are traditionally only installed onto the walls of your bathroom, cladding can be applied to both the walls and ceiling for optimum results. Highly effective in reducing the growth of mould and grime, you can protect your bathroom from floor to ceiling following the installation of bathroom cladding.

Decorative Designs

There are many different sizes and styles of tile to suit your available space, so you may wonder whether this can be replicated through cladding. You will therefore be pleased to know that it can as you don’t need to comprise on appearance when you choose cladding for your room due to there being a number of decorative finishes available including mosaic and marble to complement your bathroom design.

Easy to Install

Tiles require a significant amount of time and effort to ensure they are installed to a high standard, yet bathroom cladding comes with a far easier, less time consuming method of installation. As a result, a bathroom fit-out or refurbishment can be completed much quicker and with considerably less stress, enabling you to then enjoy your new bathroom with stylishly fitted bathroom cladding in no time at all.
At DBS Bathrooms we can supply you with a wide variety of bathroom cladding styles and finishes so you can experience the benefits in your own home. Browse our website to see the different options available before purchasing quickly and easily online, or alternatively give our team a call on 01827 714 255 if you require any advice along the way.