An argument that always splits Brits right down the middle is the famous bath vs shower debate.
Everybody has different preferences when it comes to comfort and personal hygiene, with both these bathroom features catering to different tastes.
Some could argue that baths are more soothing, whilst others prefer not to sit around in ‘dirty water’, claiming a shower is more hygienic.
However, during a bathroom renovation, comfort and hygiene become minor issues as there are many other things for homeowners to consider in the long run.
If space is tight and you’re currently deliberating on whether to install a new bath or shower, read on and discover some top tips on which is best for your bathroom:


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Take it from us – bathroom renovations are an investment for the long term, not the short term.
So, when you’re picking whether you want a bath or a shower in your home, consider how much money each feature will save you over time.
For example, the average eight-minute shower uses a whopping 62 litres of water, with some power showers being able to distribute 136 litres during this period.
On the other hand, the average bath contains around 80 litres of water, so there is certainly food for thought from a cost perspective.
If you’re looking to cut your outgoings over time, then a standard shower is certainly the most cost-effective bathing solution.


Before you begin your renovation, be sure to plan your design out well before choosing any fixtures and fittings as you will want to ensure that your chosen feature compliments your chosen design.
As the bath or shower are arguably the main vocal point of your bathroom, you’ll need to decide which one is more fitting for your overall vision.
More importantly though, you need to consider the less materialistic aspects of your bathroom’s design, such as where shower valves or waste pipes are currently located. A trained architect or builder could help you in this department.
When you figure out where these elements are or if they need to be relocated, take into account how this affects your initial design ideas. You can build your design around this new layout and it’ll make your decision easier to opt for a bath or shower.


Showers can leave bathroom surfaces considerably wetter, so it’s time to combat this issue with bathroom waterproofing solutions.
If you are switching from a bath to a shower, you should ensure that the floor is solid and waterproofed.
Waterproof bathroom flooring is highly water resistant so there is no need to worry about damp or condensation causing havoc.
When it comes to your bathroom’s walls, you could consider PVC wall panels which are 100% waterproof, and not only look stylish but also reduce the chance of mould or damp developing. There are several designs and colours so you are sure to find something that suits the new look of your bathroom.
Bathroom cladding panels can be easily installed with a tongue and groove method and used on the ceilings, making a super alternative to paint. They are also Class 1 Fire Rated.


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If you only have limited space available in your bathroom, a shower cubicle or a handheld shower would be the ideal option for you.
A walk-in shower is another alternative you can have built when the space isn’t quite available for a bathtub.
However, if you’re the fortunate owner of a large bathroom, then you have more options at your disposal.
To stay on trend, consider investing in free-standing bath adjacent to a wall or in the middle of the room with taps mounted on the bath. This will add a touch of class to your bathroom.
One thing to consider, however, is that whether you decide to make a U-turn in your layout and decide to change the pipe structure. This is a costly change to make as you may need the assistance of a qualified plumber and this could set you back in terms of budget, and stop you affording other fixtures for your bathroom.
If you have any issues regarding bathroom renovations or need help with selecting the best bathroom cladding panels, then get in touch with the team at DBS Bathrooms today. We will assist you with the creation of your dream bathroom!
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