When it comes to home renovations, it’s got to be done in your own way. The bathroom is no different.  Design features that are generally thought of as unconventional may be perfect for your family – like having a separate WC, adding his and hers sinks, creating a Jack and Jill bathroom or even decorating differently.

Unconventional bathroom ideas can be clever utilisations of space, so if you’re fitting out a loft bathroom, en-suite bathroom, or under the stairs toilet, you might find yourself looking at alternative bathroom ideas. Here are some of our favourite alternative bathroom designs.

Jack and Jill Bathrooms

Jack and Jill bathrooms are relatively uncommon in Britain, but they’re more popular in America. A Jack and Jill bathroom is a complete bathroom situated between two bedrooms, only accessible from each bedroom. It therefore acts like an en-suite for both bedrooms.

For those with teenaged children, a Jack and Jill bathroom is a great alternative to adding en-suites to both bedrooms that would take up vital square footage.

They are also a good solution for people who want to locate a bathroom upstairs, as the doors do not have to lead onto a hallway or landing – providing you with an upstairs bathroom without being too disruptive to the existing layout. Just remember to lock both doors before you hop in the shower!

Sunken bathtubs

A staple of the 1970s dream home, sunken bathtubs are making a recurrence in modern bathroom design after being influenced by Japanese bathrooms and the ofuro – a deep bathing pool. By incorporating a deep sunken bathtub into your bathroom, you can prioritise wellbeing and relaxation.

In Japan, this soaking tub is a real feature of the home – and there’s no reason why it couldn’t be the same in yours. Add one in your home – either fully sunken or partially sunken with steps up to it to create a feature bathtub. It will look especially good in large en-suite bathrooms as they bring romance to any room.

Separate WC

If you live in a mid-century home, you may already be familiar with the separate WC. These have benefits – they’re hygienic, as they keep the toilet away from your washing area. But, they can also be a pain in the neck, meaning that you have to enter another room to wash your hands after using the toilet. If you decide to stick with your separate WC, consider reconfiguring it so that you can fit a small sink in there too.

When decorating them, choose a décor theme that can run between both rooms. Bathroom wall panels like Subway Bathroom Cladding is ideal as it can be mounted to half height – making the room easy to clean. It’s also perfect for small rooms as the bright white colour will reflect the light.

Unusual decorating ideas

Bathrooms can be a great place to show a bit of personality in your décor, especially with small rooms like the under-stairs toilet. Choose a bright or patterned wall covering to maintain interest in such a small space, and accessorise with low maintenance or faux plants.

These funky bathroom ideas will be sure to turn your downstairs toilet into a talking point – remember it’s also the bathroom that guests to your home will use the most frequently.