A clean bathroom is something that we all strive to maintain. But it’s often easier said than done.
Although water is the main component of most cleaning products, in the bathroom it is often the root cause of lengthy cleaning jobs.
One of the ways to dramatically reduce the time spent to cleaning your bathroom is by allocating time to regular maintenance. Regular maintenance of fittings like pipes, shower heads, tiles and shower screens can also extend the life span of your bathroom fixtures. But this is just one recommendation. Continue reading on for some additional tips that will make this chore a lot easier!

Soak your shower head in vinegar

Cleaning your shower head with vinegar is a perfect alternative to a chemical bathroom cleaner. It’s also incredibly easy and environmentally friendly.
Shower heads are especially prone to build up caused by calcium and mineral deposits. These can look make your shower head look unattractive, and over time the deposits can result in clogs that reduce water pressure.
If your shower head is detachable, remove it and soak it in a pot or bucket of white vinegar. If it’s fixed, fill a strong watertight bag with enough vinegar to submerge the shower head and attach it to the pole using string or an elastic band.

Clean your shower door with car windscreen rain repellent

Letting a glass shower door dry naturally after a shower often leaves white water marks and can eventually result in a dull shower screen.
As wiping the shower door daily isn’t always an option, we recommend cleaning your shower screen with a car windscreen rain repellent.
This lets the water bead up and roll away, preventing the build-up that is usually caused by soap and water.
But for a truly effortless bathroom cleaning experience, consider turning your regular bathroom into a wet room by replacing your tiles with waterproof flooring.

Swap Tiles for Wall Cladding

Grouting used in between bathroom tiles is porous, prone to grime build up, and can become discoloured and in extreme cases, even hazardous.
Swapping your tiles for wall cladding is the simplest way to keep mould and grime at bay as it can simply be wiped clean.
Not only are they super easy to clean, but they also come in a wide range of colours and designs. This means they can be just as versatile as your bathroom tiles are.
Making this simple change will save you countless hours that would have otherwise been spent keeping your tiles clean.

Invest in a Drain Snake

Preventing drains from clogging speeds up the rate at which water drains from the shower, sink and bathtub.
As slow draining water gives soap, foam and dirt time to settle, speeding up this process will save you time in the long run.
A drain snake is the perfect tool for reaching down the plug hole and pulling out anything that might get stuck on the way down.
One way to avoid your drain clogging in the future is by investing in a plug filter. This will help to keep debris clear from your drainage system and make it even easier to keep your bathroom cleaner for longer.