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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Wet Room Design Ideas

Why choose a wet room? The main reason that people choose to install a wet room in their homes is to reap the practical benefits they offer, although they look sleek and modern too which makes them the ideal renovation … Continue reading

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Bathroom Trends with Staying Power

Redecorating is exciting, but we all know what happens. We go on Pinterest to get inspired, have a few hundred ideas rolling round in our heads, and then wonder how on earth to realise them. The danger with following trends … Continue reading

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Unique and Modern Bathroom Colour Ideas

Bringing colour into the bathroom can strike fear into even the bravest DIYers heart. Our fear of coloured bathroom suites means that the only space left for colour in the bathroom is often either on the walls or on the … Continue reading

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How to Deliver an Affordable Bathroom Makeover at Home

Bathrooms are used every day of the year, and when they get outdated, they can hugely influence how you feel about your home. It’s well known that bathroom makeovers can be expensive. Luckily, it’s also one of the easiest rooms … Continue reading

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Best Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

Tired of a gloomy bathroom that starts your day off in the wrong way? These upgrade ideas are an excellent way to bring your bathroom back to life. Before you begin the renovation, consider each part of the bathroom separately … Continue reading

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