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Bathroom Trends That Can Put Off Buyers

When the latest bathroom trends are constantly changing, it can be tempting to keep up with them by regularly updating your bathroom with the latest features and fittings. However, there are certain trends that you’ll want to steer clear from … Continue reading

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4 Hacks for Keeping Your Bathroom Clean

A clean bathroom is something that we all strive to maintain. But it’s often easier said than done. Although water is the main component of most cleaning products, in the bathroom it is often the root cause of lengthy cleaning … Continue reading

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How To Speed Up Cleaning Time In Your Hotel

Cleaning one bathroom is time-consuming enough, so multiplying that workload by however many bathrooms are in your hotel results in a mammoth cleaning effort. However, there are steps you can take that will end up saving you time in the … Continue reading

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Best Neutral Colours For A Bathroom

Choosing the colour schemes for rooms in your home is one of the most exciting parts of updating your décor. Different colours can give rooms a completely different feel. We all spend time in our bathrooms every day, so putting … Continue reading

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How to Improve A Tired Bathroom

If your bathroom lacks energy and excitement, it can really start your day on the wrong foot. Getting up every morning and preparing for the hours ahead in a drab, tired room can get you down and put a damper … Continue reading

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How Businesses Benefit from PVC Wall Panels

As a business owner, you have to ensure your work premises are practical, while giving off a professional vibe. It might not be a solution you’ve considered but PVC wall panels could be the answer to those tatty walls. Often … Continue reading

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Why White Is the Best Colour For A Bathroom

It might seem like using white in your bathroom is a boring and obvious choice, but this colour is popular for a reason. Aside from adding a timeless and chic edge to your bathroom, the benefits of the colour white … Continue reading

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Avoiding Bathroom Decorating Mistakes

When it comes to home renovation, you want to make sure that the time and effort that you’re putting in are going to pay off. Therefore, you want to ensure that there are no simple mistakes that are going to … Continue reading

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What are the best waterproof bathroom flooring designs?

So, you’ve chosen your bathroom suite and installed your waterproof wall panels… there’s just one major factor left to consider – the floor! Flooring is arguably the most important design feature of your bathroom. Not only does the design itself … Continue reading

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Top tips on increasing light in a small bathroom

The bathroom is where we get ready in the morning, apply our make-up or shave – and so light is crucial here. If you’re not blessed with windows in your bathroom, fear not. You don’t need to feel like a … Continue reading

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